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These are horizontal lines that bisect the yut. Texts can be written vertically right to left most traditional ; vertically left to right common in conjunction with Federation technology systems when blocks of text are involved ; horizontally left to right when words are mixed with FSE contexts ; horizontally right to left when mixed with scripts which are normally configured in that orientation.

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I think this may, and hopefully will, offer some insight into the cell phone conundrum. Stay Kind With power comes great responsibility.

These are rendered as small ovals or dots and they help the eye distinguish between the different vowels. Which I realize probably has no scientific merit. In order to grow, you will have to learn new things and challenge yourself.

The writer typically fashions the stick in an ad hoc fashion by burnishing the tip on any appropriate stone which happens to be available. That was not my intention. These serve as a signature or seal to identify the artist, and by reputation, the significance of the artwork. The most common mathematical paradigm in Vulcan science is base 10 as it is in FSE for humans.

The bursts are frequency modulated by the audio input to create the sensation of hearing in the person whose head is irradiated.

You are obviously a better communicator than I am. This article will focus on the more ornate ceremonial calligraphy, of which comparisons to Terran musical notation are often made. He was renowned for his self-restraint and meditative approach to the art.

By this method sounds are perceived by the mammal which are representative of the original sound received by the microphone. The essence of the plat is designed into many of the nuhm overtly, either continuously or segmented across the height or width of the letter, depending on writing orientation.

The pulse width is in the range of 10 nanoseconds to 1 microsecond. Like Chinese characters or Egyptian hieroglyphs of Terra, individual words were originally represented by discrete symbols. The waveform consists of frequency modulated bursts.

Mobile phones are being used to control people in some way Requirement 1: If the quill or pen must pause, be lifted, and then begin again to reach kelek successfully, that point is a shom-sfek resting point. We need something testable! She is a very fair moderator.

Does that make sense? Tel are not technically necessary for meaning, but are a part of the legacy of the tradition of vanu-tanaf-kitaun.

In the nuhm that corresponds to the FSE h, the upper halo has a unique name, taik hat. Notice that the tviyan the inner oval of sh is not centered perfectly on the plat.

Please note that clusters are not used across syllable boundaries. This is the case for the ancestry of both of the two primary surviving traditions.

All consonants have a tuf chestbut this term is not used for vowels. Areas of high intensity wifi signals likewise apartment blocks where every apartment has wifi, internet cafes etc are not associated with seizures or strange behaviours.

I value your well written post and has given me things to think about, which is why I come here. Instead the final stroke of the journey of the sentence is extended into what is colloquially called a wu-harr long tail.

There are in common usage introduced herebut others for archaic terms and pronunciations appear from time to time. However, the harr tail that hangs down is common to many consonants and it is a wu-harr long tail that terminates complete phrases and sentences.

The answer is that this calligraphic style of writing is not about need or efficiency. Numbers 5 and 6 are interesting because they do not begin and end in the standard simple fashion, but have extra embellishments decided by the calligrapher.

In consonant clusters with a leading small consonant, the upper portion is called tarkiv crown. It precedes all the other nuhm in the word. Ish 5 wak svi 6 aru. Wifi or telecoms signals must be emitted which affect the human brain in a specific way as to result in a change of behaviour Requirement 2: Consistency is the Key Without a doubt, top performers are characterized by hard work.

In the case of the i-based and e-based vowels, the yut is simply a straight line. Their systems have evolved over time to suit the needs of a highly logical and technologically sophisticated culture.Vulcan calligraphy is an honored tradition dating back to the ancient past of the planet—preceding Surak by a thousand or more years.

All documented early Vulcan writing was logographic. The Skills You Need to be Promoted at Work Working in a professional environment requires you to put in hard work and deliver quantity or quality, or even both.

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Vulcan Calligraphy

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What is the best pixel size for picture uploads to dating sites
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