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While offering her a taser for protection when she goes on a date was within the realm of being reasonable, the Automatic Rifle was not.

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Also played straight in a few instances, such as when May goes on a date with J. In Shakugan no Shanathe villain Sydonay's main motivation is to keep his surrogate daughter Hecate safe and pure. He gets the wrong number in his first attempts and reaches his dad instead. Chief among these is collecting Franklin Mint Plates as well as a number of creative outlets such as designing and making themed stuffed bears, fly-tying, gun cleaning, wood burning, figure skating, and writing right-wing children's literature.

Ben himself is not amused when he finds out. As the episode draws to a close Stan's prediction proves true, but when Stan moves to side with the apes he is unexpectedly killed by them.

The over-protectiveness increases after Hiashi finds out that Naruto was one of the Kyuushingaias he doesn't want his daughter associating with a guy who was part of a group infamous for causing days of carnage across several cities in the not-too-distant past.

Cotter has a bit where he talks about the Double Standardsaying that if he had a teenage son who came home late from a date with a girl, he'd still punish him and lecture him for it, but secretly he'd be proud of him, and the next day he would brag to all his friends that his kid got laid.

In the episode "Chimdale", it is revealed that Stan Smith has been bald since college and wears a wig however, this episode contradicts several past episodes, including " Frannie ", in which Roger scalped Stan while role playing as an American Indian and "Choosy Wives Choose Smith", in which Stan's hair grew after spending months on a deserted island.

Later, when both of them are sitting in NERV's detention cells, they come to an understanding: Also Kurenai over Hinata as well. When the villains captured Yuji and had Hecate drain his power, Sydonay protested because she started moaning in pleasure.

Kogoro Mouri lives and breathes this trope. And he shows his complete support of Archie when he proposes to Veronica, even going as far as to give him a cushy job so that he will be able to support Veronica on his own.

The main victim of his protective tendencies is Klein, who he threatens constantly about teaching Yui inappropriate things. The man's first and foremost reaction to his son in danger is to whip out a shotgun.

He also reacted about as well as you'd expect when Zoe who was, at most, around 10 years old got a coupon in the mail from Victoria's Secret. Garrus' maternal grandfather Sheor tried to kill his dad Avitus with an axe when discovered that the latter's impregnated his daughter before marriage.

Of all people, hotheaded god of war Ares struggles with trying to prevent this in Dark Avengers. Retrieved June 7, Jim's daughter Barbara comes outside, and briefly shares a look with Dick.

Just be as charming as you are to me, and you'll do just fine. The fanon portrays Hiashi Hyuuga from Naruto when he's not being portrayed as evil as this over Hinata and Hanabi. Phill Jupitus had a routine about the first time his daughter brought a boy home, where he admits he reacted "quite badly" Jupitus: Usually he is seen working in a small cork-walled cubicle with a few of his buddies:Now showing 1 to of free dad sex tube!

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Dad and son gay dating cartoon
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